What Can a Virtual Office Provider Do for your Company?

Like it or not, the business world is all about image. People like winners, and just like you would eat in a busy restaurant, customers prefer to give their business to a successful company, and one of the first things a potential customer looks at is your registered business address. Any company with offices in the CBD in Sydney must be doing well, and although it might not show, the customer is influenced by a business address.

Serviced Offices

If you would like to view a range of serviced offices in Sydney CBD, they are easy to locate with a Google search, and they have packages to suit every business from a one-man band to a corporation, and everything in between. If you would like a Sydney CBD address and have your mail forwarded, that can be arranged, and with the virtual office provider, you decide which services you need.

Virtual Receptionist

In the event you are implementing an aggressive marketing campaign, you can have a professional receptionist handle all your calls in your company name. The receptionist would be remotely located in the service providers call centre, and she is guaranteed to answer the phone within 5 seconds, which is pretty impressive by any standard. The receptionist would be fully briefed on your business and calls can be forwarded to your mobile number, not that the caller would know, giving you instant communication with your clients.

No Lengthy Commitments

So sure is the virtual office provider of his services, he is prepared to work on a month to month basis, and there’s no complex agreement that ties you to their services. If you wish to cease at any time, you can. This is a performance-based industry, and the call handler would have the resources to service many clients, which keeps costs to a minimum.

Message Taking

You might need someone manning the office phone during office hours and relaying important information to the relevant parties, which can be done via SMS, email or the phone, whichever you prefer. Call forwarding is another great service, you could be running all over Sydney dealing with customers, and the virtual receptionist will forward every office call to your mobile, putting you firmly in control at all times.

Just the Address

For some small businesses, a Sydney CBD address is all they need, and in such a case, rates are very reasonable. You can nominate several people to have your mail forwarded to, and even stipulate third parties to be contacted in certain situations.

Support Numbers

Many companies offer round the clock support, and if you have an emergency number for customers to call, the virtual office provider can handle that on your behalf, and will even contact service engineers to inform them of a call out.

If you would like to stay informed and have a prestigious business address in Sydney CBD, a Google search is all it takes to contact a serviced office provider.

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